Monday, November 1, 2010

Focus in Busy Times

I have been reading a lot about energy over the past few years -- how do I consciously steward my own. My current areas of leverage are physical and focus. I have added a few new positive practices to help me in the physical arena; I now have a trainer and a few days a week, I put on my work-out clothes first thing and am not allowed to shower until I do "something". Now, I need a ritual to help me with eating (particulary sugary stuff). My husband and daughter love the website Fitday. I will try tracking my food on that.

On the focus front, journaling each morning helps (now that habit is ingrained). I am going to add: setting my intention for the day and noting what I am grateful for.

What are some of the ways you focus your energy on what matters most?

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  1. Great reminders, Marcia. I've been thinking a lot about focus today, which has inspired me to "think from the end." Or, in other words, envision what I want to accomplish, reverse engineer them into tasks, and then chip away. The challenge now is to just whittle down the list of things I want to accomplish!