Friday, April 16, 2010

Dealing with what is

We got to the airport early, anxious to get home to the states after almost 2 weeks of travel. To get on an earlier flight was $250, so we decided to wait as our scheduled flight was 4 hours before the airport closed. Mechanical delays, cancellations and rebookings had us on a flight to detroit. We were settled and ready to take off at 5:30. However the 7:00 closing (due to the volcanic cloud of ash) was moved up to 5:30. Stranded. They told us we could not get our luggage and there were no rooms. Luckily our WONDERFUL agent (linda stone, Am Ex, Center for Creative Leadership) found us great accomodations for 1 night. And yet when I watch the news and see this might be for 2 weeks, I get sick inside. $250 looks like a reasonable price to avoid this. Still, this is what is. Why do I feel so awful? Is it because I was stranded during 9/11 as well? Is it because I feel vulnerable and powerless? And yet we are so lucky. I am with my husband. We have a bed and safe place to sleep. We have credit cards to get us food and transport? What is like to really be displaced? To live in war? To lose your home? I have taken so much for granted. I am so blessed. Time to work on my gratitude journal.

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  1. I've really thought of you, Marcia, and been grateful for the technology links between us. I hope you continue to have luck with helpful people. Anything I can do for either of you stateside?